What is E-Consulting?

Every e-consult begins with an intake regarding (medical) history of the horse. For online consultation this means filling in our registration form fully when purchasing an e-consult option. After that Henk will assess the horse in a similar way as with a physical consult, although remotely.

This begins with a visual examination of the horse in rest. Henk will look at the horses outlook and conformation, and will pay extra attention to muscle tone and balance, watching for swelling, tendons, ligament and possible painful areas. During examination in motion the horse will be assessed for possible limitations in range of motion of limbs, balance in the body, posture, head carrying, use of lower back and general athletic impression.

As the examination is being carried out remotely, at least 2 knowledgeable handlers will be required to carry out the examinations and tests Henk may request during the consultation. Please refer to our instructions for making a suitable video. (for example, Henk may request a fore limb flexion test) Henk will explain thoroughly any procedures of special exams he would like you to do.

Video consultation is available live via smartphone from anywhere in the world. Videos of particular incidents, or problems can also be uploaded for assessment.


Options & Pricing

There are three assessment options as set out below:

Video Guide

In order for us to give you the best advice it is important we get the best quality video possible.

Please include at least the following steps when making your video:

  • You will need a reasonably good camera/ phone, and at least 2 people, one to show the horse and one make the video.
  • Halt the horse squarely in front of the camera on a level surface. Walk 360 degrees around the horse making sure to pause briefly directly behind and directly in front of the horse. We would like to see the horses entire body at all times during this video.
  • On a level firm surface walk the horse directly 20 meters away from the camera. Turn carefully and walk. Once again make sure the entire body is visible.
  • Repeat the above step in trot. Do not hold the horse back too much and aim for a shallow loop in the lead rope.
  • Carefully lunge the horse on a 6-7 meter circle, again on a firm surface
  • Film 3 circles on the right rein in uninterrupted trot
  • Film 3 circles on the left rein of uninterrupted trot
  • Carefully lunge the horse on a 12 meter circle, this time of a soft surface such as a menage
  • 3 circles uninterrupted trot on both the left and right reins
  • 3 circles uninterrupted canter on both the left and right reins
  • If there are any areas of the horse you think may be relevant (eg swelling of a lower limb) please make a 360 degree video of the affected area.

    NB: If the horse is significantly lame or sore certain elements of the examination may be omitted. If this is the case please contact us prior to making the video for specific instructions.